Paid Caregivers

Do you want to:

  • earn more money
  • connect with more clients
  • have more control over your time

myCareBase™ has got you covered!

Platform Overview

  • Connects you to people who are looking for caregivers online to directly hire for home care in Toronto and Vancouver
  • Lets you set your own rates, arrange your own schedule and choose which clients you want to take on
  • Provides you with a collection of tools that will help you deliver better quality senior care

Key Benefits & Features

Connect with More Clients

  • Inform a broad range of potential clients in need of help regarding your skills, training, experience and caregiving preferences

More Control Over Your Employment

  • Set your own hourly rate 
  • Charge different rates for different types of work
  • You decide what days & hours you are available and the locations in which you are willing to work

Optimize Your Professional Image

  • Communicate directly with clients
  • Easy access to a suite of mobile efficiency tools and knowledge resources
    • caregiver/client contract documents
    • e-documentation on your smartphone, tablet or laptop
    • task management
    • clock-in/clock-out capability via your smartphone
    • evidence-based guidance to help expand your skills and knowledge

Connect with Other Caregivers

  • Network, share information and provide support through our peer community with powerful communication capabilities 

myCareBase™ is hiring PSWs and Health Care Aides for home care in Toronto and Vancouver

  • More employment opportunities for caregiver jobs. Direct access to clients enables you to find work that is best suited to your skills, experience and preferences. Unlike traditional home health agencies, myCareBase allows you to work when and where you want.
  • Work when and where you want.
  • We make it possible for caregivers to get paid more, while allowing families to pay less.
  • Higher client satisfaction ratings and pride of service delivery are made possible with industry-leading, easy-to-use tools.
  • Avoid the isolation that is often associated with being a self-employed, caregiver-for-hire. Be part of our community and benefit from the various ways we can support you.
  • No more having to scour job ads for new work. On our Caregiver Marketplace platform, new potential clients will contact you!

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