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The role of a family caregiver typically requires taking on what seems like an endless and ever-expanding list of responsibilities. While providing or ensuring the necessary care for your loved one is always the first priority, there are almost always other important tasks and to-dos remaining which also need to be completed.

myCareBase Concierge services are designed to help family caregivers with the navigational, coordination and administrative tasks associated with senior care. Finding local resources and services available in your loved one's community, booking services and making appointments are all examples of things our concierge can do for you.

Some of the tasks we can help with

  • arranging appointments with primary care providers, referred specialists, dentists, etc.
  • making and confirming reservations for transportation, day programs, etc.
  • researching and lining up handyman services
  • finding and/or coordinating lawn and yard care, snow removal, house cleaners, etc.
  • coordinating the ordering and delivery of groceries or prepared meals
  • arranging for pet and/or plant care


"Too often, people in the system fail to recognize that it's me...the family caregiver...who is the one that needs the help...the one putting all of their time and energy into ensuring that my parent, spouse or child stays healthy and comfortable. When I reach the breaking point and I feel that I'm about to have a meltdown, that's when I know I need to start reaching out for help."

A Family Caregiver

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