5 Things To Track During Caregiver Shifts

As the owner or care manager of a care agency, you're overseeing many seniors as clients, which makes keeping track of everyone's well-being difficult. How do you filter out the most important things that should be monitored on a regular basis and train your caregivers to track what's important? Here are 5 things that you'll [...]

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5 Ways Caregivers Can Help Seniors with Pain

Pain management is a common caregiving concern that many caregivers, both family and professional, often feel helpless about. Whether the pain is temporary during a recovery period or more permanent due to a chronic condition, it is often the case that medication is not adequate. For caregivers, here are some non-medicated methods to help your senior [...]

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6 Tools For Seniors To Avoid Isolation

Isolation and depression are two very common characteristics of aging. Many people lose touch with their friends and social networks due to a variety of reasons. First, as everyone ages, it is normal to experience a decline in mobility, and many people stop driving at some point. In addition to the logistical challenges of getting [...]

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Where Are My Keys? Bluetooth Trackers Save The Day!

Do you or your loved one have a habit of misplacing keys, a phone or wallet? We all misplace things from time to time, but with a little technology, we can reduce the frequency of this happening. As a family caregiver, consider this scenario: You arrive at your mom's home to pick her up for an [...]

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