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Stephanie is the co-founder of myCareBase. She has also operated a senior care planning and management business since 2007. She has a previous career as a lawyer and loves dogs.

5 Things To Track During Caregiver Shifts

As the owner or care manager of a care agency, you're overseeing many seniors as clients, which makes keeping track of everyone's well-being difficult. How do you filter out the most important things that should be monitored on a regular basis and train your caregivers to track what's important? Here are 5 things that you'll [...]

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The Care Binder Gone Paperless

As a care agency operator, you are probably all too familiar with the care binder, which is the paper-based binder placed in the senior's home for documenting caregiver shifts. This documentation method has remained unchanged for many years and raises challenges for both home care professionals and families. Have you ever wondered in disbelief why this [...]

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How The Modern Family Impacts Your Care Agency

Part of what makes a business successful is how management reacts to changing market conditions and understands how it affects customers. With the average age expectancy rising, seniors who want to age in place have care needs that are more complex and multi-dimensional than ever before. However, their adult sandwich generation children are also facing more [...]

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How to Keep Your Care Agency Competitive

Home care is an increasingly competitive and complex market. The future for your care agency is promising with more seniors preferring to age in place. As seniors age, their care needs escalate and become more multi-dimensional. Home care agencies have to adapt accordingly. The industry is also becoming more competitive with aggressive marketing campaigns and [...]

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