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myCareBase offers family caregivers a better way to find, hire and manage the private home care services required to enable a senior family member or one who is suffering from a chronic illness to remain living at home for as long as possible

Consisting of three core services, myCareBase provides easy online access to affordable caregivers in Toronto, care management tools to help ensure care plan compliance, and, a personal assistant service to enable family caregivers to offload a variety of household tasks and to remain focused on what is most important

By having convenient access to pre-screened, affordable caregivers through the online Caregiver Marketplace, family caregivers are able to stretch their limited budget, receive more hired care for their loved one, and have more time available for themselves

With powerful, mobile care management tools, you have the capability in the palm of your hand to coordinate, assign, monitor and manage the care activities which are required to ensure the well-being of your loved one and to enable them to age-in-place at home for as long as possible.  The integrated communication platform provides all invited members of the Care Circle with anywhere, anytime viewing access to the documented delivery of the senior care services and activities required by their loved one

myCareBase Concierge helps alleviate some of the stress family caregivers encounter with a specialized personal assistant service that is able to take on many of those secondary responsibilities, such as household maintenance projects, which fall to the bottom of the list when caring for the senior becomes the top priority.  Our efficient and compassionate service agents are available to serve as your personal assistant, to take care of routine or occasional tasks that consume too much of your precious time but still need to get done.

If you are a family caregiver searching for more affordable caregivers, or, you are hoping to alleviate some of your stress with the help of a personal assistant, or, you’re looking for an easy way that you and your family members and friends can check on the status of the care activities being provided to your loved one, then the affordable home care services in Toronto platform available from myCareBase is for you. 


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