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The mission of myCareBase is to help seniors age in place for as long as possible, by enabling them to access the senior care services they need to remain living at home and supporting their caregivers in delivering the best care possible.

Stephanie Chan

Founder and CEO

Stephanie is the founder of myCareBase and has been an eldercare planner and facilitator for the last 12 years in her first business. Prior to starting that business, Stephanie practiced law in Vancouver, BC. In 2007, she left the practice of law to start her first venture to help seniors and their families facilitate solutions and navigate through the complex decisions that arise when the senior needs help to maintain his or her quality of life. Stephanie’s senior care planning and care management experience with her clients has encompassed a wide range of situations, addressing care needs from simple to the most complex health conditions. She has seen countless families struggle to find the right resources at an affordable cost, in a fragmented and often confusing private and public healthcare system. It is those firsthand experiences that created the impetus for myCareBase.

With myCareBase, we are building a solution which will help empower family caregivers to find caregivers online, manage and oversee the best possible care for their family members at a cost that fits within their budget. We want to help families optimize the quality of life for their loved ones.

Felix Chan

Chief Technology Officer

Felix is a business technologist having served as CTO, CIO, and solution architect for various FinTech, financial services and enterprise solutions firms. He has been involved with various technology product launches and has delivered on numerous successful banking, ERP, CRM and other enterprise system implementations in over 15 countries across four continents, including notable engagements with American Express Bank, HPE, Cox Media Group and RSM. Helping companies grow by providing leadership in such areas as business transformation, organization management, business process management and product management is what makes Felix tick.

Felix's passion for making a difference through solving problems of substance led him to myCareBase whose mission to help keep seniors at home as long as possible is not only a worthwhile challenge, but one that he has faced within his own family.

Stephen Green

Director of Sales & Marketing

Steve specializes in developing and executing go-to-market strategies and plans for B2B & B2C early-growth-stage enterprises. He's a rare combination of a passionate, visionary "thinker" who never loses sight of the big picture and an innovative, detail-oriented, roll-up-the-sleeves "doer" in roles requiring in-depth Sales, Marketing and Business Development expertise.

Including ten exciting years of living and working in Silicon Valley during the height of the dot.com boom, Steve brings over 30 years of international software industry experience to myCareBase. He has been involved at the forefront of the introduction of mobile computing and has led the product launches and subsequent sales & marketing programs for numerous software solutions addressing the areas of chronic disease management, electronic medical records, SQL-based accounting, project accounting and water resource management.

Observing and assisting several members of his own family as they've taken on the challenging and life-changing role of family caregiver has provided Steve with deep motivation for bringing myCareBase to the market.


"Too often, people in the system fail to recognize that it's me...the family caregiver...who is the one that needs the help...the one putting all of their time and energy into ensuring that my parent, spouse or child stays healthy and comfortable. When I reach the breaking point and I feel that I'm about to have a meltdown, that's when I know I need to start reaching out for help."

A Family Caregiver

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